LifeLINE Online Watch

LifeLINE Online Watch – Monitor, Alert, Report

With LifeLINE Online Watch you can use the same enterprise monitoring software as Managed Service Partners to cost-effectively oversee your company’s critical infrastructure. Watch boasts three tiers of service:

Monitors your network infrastructure and critical systems to assure that everything is running at optimal efficiency.

  • Storage Status
  • Server Hardware
  • Backup Status
  • Firewalls
  • Anti-Virus Software
  • Domain Services
  • Exchange Services
  • Printers/Workstations

Alerts are generated and emailed or text messaged to a select group of employees when servers are nearing capacity, temperatures are reaching high levels, a controller goes down, etc.

Reports can be produced at will to ensure accountability, track network status and meet requirements.Server Performance

By decreasing the amount of time that your IT department spends reacting to network issues you can enable them to gain complete visibility into your network though a single portal. LifeLINE Online Watch streamlines systems management, by giving you one dashboard for easy tracking and management of all critical applications, servers, switches and firewalls.

Once purchased, this product is yours to manipulate as desired. Contact CTI today to set up a demonstration and begin the discussion about how Watch can become your network watchdog.