By Keith Millett | Jul 28, 2014 | Blog

“Nearly 88% of today’s malware can morph to avoid detection by signature based Anti-Virus solutions.” – Corey Nachreiner, Director of Security Strategy and Research for WatchGuard Technologies.

While, historically Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) were targeted almost exclusively at governments and large enterprises, today APT’s have evolved to target smaller organizations and corporations to potentially devastating effect. Because cyber criminals can penetrate networks and deploy customized malware that can live undetected on your system for months and steal valuable information it is important for small and large businesses to engage the proper security platforms in order to defend against these threats.

CTI works with many suppliers who are building defense solutions to protect your businesses data in real time. One of these companies is WatchGuard. WatchGuard’s APT Blocker delivers real-time visibility and protection from APT’s and zero day malware in minutes by identifying and submitting suspicious files to a cloud-based, next-generation sandbox, using the industry’s most sophisticated full-system emulation environment for detection. Learn More.

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