4 Reasons to Use a Boutique Staffing Agency

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Did you know that CTI offers a staffing and recruiting function alongside of our offerings that work towards reducing IT risk and improving IT infrastructure?

We source, employ, and train the area’s best IT talent and leverage our personnel to deliver excellence in technical staffing.

Boutique staffing agencies like CTI emphasize building relationships. We work closely with clients, focusing on the quality of placements. Larger firms may take a shotgun approach, reaching a wider (and less qualified) pool of talent, resulting in your hiring managers spending hours parsing through resume after resume which your recruiting firm should have done for you.

Our expert team of recruiters takes the time to get to know their clients and their candidates; resulting in a more targeted, well-defined search.  In most cases, we only have to reach out to a small pool of qualified candidates to find the right one for you.

Using a boutique firm creates critical advantages that can really make the most out of your investment.

4 Reasons to Use CTI to Find Your Next IT Hire

  1. Personalized attention: With CTI, you won’t find layer after layer of recruiters, sales reps and project managers. Because of our size and approach, you will deal directly with the person in charge of your project. Our recruiters have years of experience that put them in touch with the needs of your company and the needs of your industry.
  2. Access to high-quality candidates: The talent pool at CTI boasts highly trained project contractors with a variety of skill sets as well as a fully screened and vetted pool of IT professionals looking for their next step in their career. We benefit by having established relationships with IT Professionals with a proven history of reliability, work ethic and technical expertise in their field.
  3. More meaningful interactions: At CTI, communication is key. Since you don’t have to cut your way through a jungle of middle management and entry-level workers, you get more opportunities to engage in a thoughtful, intellectual manner. Your insights and honesty are not only listened to – they are encouraged.
  4. Specialization in your field: Need a candidate with a specific set of skills? Maybe you need a staffing firm with in-depth knowledge of the IT industry to help develop a specialized recruiting plan? Do you need someone who is not only a match for you today, but will also be one down the road, growing with your organization?

We have a niche, and that niche is clients like you with IT staffing needs. By honing in on specific verticals within the IT industry we’ve develop a keen understanding about the nuances of each specific industry.

Thinks of it this way, if you need a pack of generic pens, when any old pen will do, you stop at a big box shop like Walgreens or Walmart. But when you have something special to affix your signature to, you want an ink pen with class, like a Mont Blanc.

Believe it or not, staffing agencies work in a similar way. When you need to fill a generic job where just about any warm body will do, a large recruiting firm is a definite in-and-out option.

However, when you have a specialty job or a project that requires specific set of skills, a boutique staffing agency is the only route to take.

Taking that path is even more important when looking for your next IT Professional.

When you just want to see resumes that match your needs, a larger firm taking a generalist approach may be able to the job done. However, a niche firm likes CTI is better equipped to meet the needs your organization demands to be successful.

We do not just provide qualified candidates, we provide the right candidates for your needs today and for the future.

CTI takes that specialization to heart.

Since 1985, we have helped the IT industry and IT professionals find their perfect match with each other.


4 Reasons to Use a Boutique Staffing Agency